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Quality & Services


Add-Optics products are certified to ISO9001,14001, TUE, CE, FCC, UL and RoHS ensuring the highest level of quality. We also offer a line of TAA compliant products. High production volumes and technological management ensure competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

All Products are 100 percent application tested prior to release from our manufacturing facility and stored in environmentally controlled conditions.

Add-Optics provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty for all products. We deliver a reliable product on time and remove the waste of time and money associated EOW (endo of warranty) repairs. This warranty is the added value you receive every time you purchase Add-Optics products.


We provide data sheets for our products available through our website. Any further product questions can be attended to by our toll free support desk and either by phone or email we will respond within a day to address your urgent business needs.

Shipping & Handling:

  1. We ship all over the world. Just buy and enjoy our service, we ship it to your door.
  2. Our shipping time is 1-5 business days after receipt of your official order, tracking number can be provided after that.
  3. We offer worldwide free shipping on orders over US$500.
  4. For orders less than US$500, Add-Optics charges a flat rate shipping of US$30, customer specific retail packaging excluded.
  5. Shipments are delivered normally through FedEx, UPS or DHL unless otherwise specified.

Payment Terms
We offer 30-day terms to our customers available to all subject to credit checking.

Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Terms and Conditions

If a product doesn’t work, you can send it back to us for exchange. Customers pay the shipping fees for returning product to Add-Optics within 45 days from purchase, and we pay the shipping fees for returning products to customers. The warranty is voided when damage is caused by improper handling or neglect; an outside force beyond the control of Add-Optics force majeure or if any repair, opening or modification of the product is undertaken by the reseller or end-user.