OEM Warranty and MFG Support?

The following add-optics products ship with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Optical Transceivers and Network Patch Cables.

OEM Warranty and MFG Support?

The following add-optics products ship with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Optical Transceivers and Network Patch Cables.

Does buying add-optics product void the switch manufacturers warranty?

Major OEM's discourage the use of such third-party/compatible networking products being used in their hardware application, Third Party optics cannot void your warranty such as Care Pack, SMARTnet and other extended service programs. Unless the nature of the problem can be directly related to the use of the compatible product, the OEM will continue to provide support for their specific product device.

As stated in the Magnusson-Moss Act- Third Party Products do not void the OEM system warranty. It can be violation of U.S. Anti-Trust Laws for a manufacturer to “force” a consumer to purchase their own products with the threat of warranty support being affected. This “tying” of warranty to a manufacturers product whether directly from the manufacturer, reseller/dealer can be a form of tie-in sales. "Tying (informally, product tying) is the practice of selling one product or service as a mandatory addition to the purchase of a different product or service. In legal terms, a tying sale makes the sale of one good (the tying good) to the de facto customer (or de jure customer) conditional on the purchase of a second distinctive good (the tied good)." Wikipedia

The Federal Trade Commission's Magnuson-Moss Act protects all consumers from the restriction that only the OEM products or services can be purchased or used in order to maintain a valid warranty.

More information about the Magnuson-Moss Act: Bureau of Consumer Protection

What does this mean to the customer? You cannot be required to add the Manufacturer's own branded upgrade or accessory to maintain the warranty on the system, a good comparison would be if the consumer of a Ford vehicle had to pay a premium to purchase Ford tires for their Ford Motor Vehicle. Additionally, the OEM Manufacturer cannot state that the warranty is void if other brands (third-party) are used, using the car comparison, the consumer can purchase Bridgestone, Firestone, Pirelli or any other tire. You don’t have to pay 5X more for a Ford tire to own a Ford vehicle that will be covered under a valid Warranty.

You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for more info:

Cisco: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/prod_warranty09186a00800b5594.html

HP: http://h30059.www4.hp.com/warranty/information/faq.php#17

Extreme: http://www.extremenetworks.com/libraries/services/WC_1_yr_Warranty.pdf

Brocade: http://www.brocade.com/services-support/warranties/index.page

What is the difference between Add-Optics and other 3rd Party products offered in the market?

  • Visual Inspection
  • Optical Distance Test via (Fiber Lab Optical test Platform)
  • Application coding for the exact switch or router (100% compatibility)
  • Supports Cisco quality ID feature
  • System specific customized algorithm
  • Backward compatible with latest and older IOS
  • Customer specific EEprom customization for serial and part number for Traceability
  • Customer specific label development
  • Hardware is application tested in Brand specific target platform running the latest IOS.
  • Testing Documentation saved and put on file for customer review.

Key Add-Optics Quality Factors:

There are many different attributes which determining the quality of a 3rd part transceiver. The most important quality component is the Laser type (TOSA/ROSA), programming, signal integrity and application testing. The TOSA/ROSA (Transmit Optical Sub-Assembly) (Receive Optical Sub-Assembly) are the separate lasers that transmit and receive the fiber optic signals inside the transceiver. There are many manufacturers of laser components and the quality of the product can vary tremendously. The quality of the components and manufacturing process are the most important variables to consider. The TOSA/ROSA can have a great effect on the performance and reliability of a transceiver. Lower quality TOSA/ROSA could result in out of spec variations in the wavelength and inconsistent transmit and receive power. The TOSA/ROSA utilized in Add-Optics transceivers are high-quality- Top Tier components, many of which are procured from the same exact manufacturers that build for the major name brands in the market such as Juniper, Cisco, HP and Arista. Utilizing the highest quality components gives Add-Optics a high quality product that your Data Center can depend on.

The programming of transceivers is as important as the quality of the components. If the programming is not correct, the module will not work in accordance with specifications or may not be recognized by the switch. Programming is a key element for each Add-Optics transceiver. Every transceiver has a unique program which is designed to meet the exact same technical and functional specifications as the OEM Manufacturer. Every Add-Optics module has unique coding requirements that vary depending on manufacturer. The manufacturer’s OS (Operating Software) requires different attributes in the coding of the transceiver to identify, recognize and display the transceiver correctly. Additionally, the correct coding allows the transceiver to perform to the exact same specifications as the manufacturers original product. The unique coding of Add-Optics transceivers enables our products to be compatible with current OS requirements and OS future revisions as well.

Our quality control process is strictly followed with every single module being tested. Each transceiver is programmed and application tested in our lab using the exact manufacturer switch or device that it is intended to be used in. Add-Optics has the most extensive and thorough application specific testing in the market. Our in-house testing facility contains almost every router, switch, and server from all the leading manufactures. All of our test equipment is constantly updated to use latest version of manufacturer’s OS (Operating Software). Using the latest OS (Operating Software) gives Add-Optics the ability to provide 100% compatible products.

How can you offer your products for so much less than the Major Market Switch and Router Manufacturers?

When purchasing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer brand name) products through the manufacturers reseller channels, you are not paying a cost based on actual transceiver materials cost but on the name. You are also paying for the new product marketing and R&D development costs of a module. At Add-Optics, we charge our customers based on our actual material costs/component costs and the overall quality of our testing and burn-in process as well. This gives us the ability to charge much less than the OEMs so we can pass on the value and cost savings to our customers. If you calculate the actual cost of goods for a transceiver, the margins charged by OEM’s can be 5X more. Transceivers are the most profitable product lines offered by many manufacturers. Please read this article for further details: Cisco's Secret Franchise.

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